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About Us

MTS is a family based small business:

Ken Mathews

Ken started in the electronics Industry at 19 as an Avionics Technician at Ellason Avionics
at Spirit of Saint Louis Airport in suburban West Saint Louis County, MO.

Ken hired on to St. Mary's Hospital in St. Louis and worked as a Biomedical Electronics
Technician for a 500 bed teaching hospital associated with St. Louis University and Washington University.

Ken attended night classes at Missouri Technical School
(the original on Washington Avenue in Saint Louis) and receiving a C.E.T (Certified Electronics Technician - Medical Specialist rating from the National Electronic Service Dealers, ISCET program. Ken also tested for and  received an FCC 1st Class Radiotelephone Operators License for running a commercial transmitter legally including radio
and television station broadcast transmitters.

Ken also was trained and licensed as a Missouri EMT in that
year, doing his internship at St. Louis City Hospital #1.

Ken's Math and Physics background were augmented by
classes at City College at Washington University via
evening classes on campus.

Ken worked as a Field Engineer for Nixdorf Computer GMBH, doing both Corporate IT and Machine Tools
Computing support for McDonnel-Douglas manufacturing processes.

Ken transitioned into the role of Hardware Support Manager for the Hospital Automation group in Electronic Data Systems, a Dallas Corporation headed by Ross Perot. Founded and managed field service and component level
board repair depot groups. Designed ABA Track 2 magnetic
security badge readers for Health Center IT secure access,
and also 500K bit interface hardware and routers for the proprietary LAN system used.

Ken took on a role a Project Engineer for Autocontrol Inc. of Maryland Heights, MO. He ran the hardware development for replacement LAN and Custom Video Monitor Hardware and designed a LAN SDLC Protocol packet routing hub for the network. The project was the redesign and upgrade of the
SSM Health Center Network from the 1978-1979 original design.

Ken taught at Watterson College in Brentwood, MO. Official
classes taught were Robotics and Advanced Data Communication. Upon finding 2 year career college students at the end of their education lacking, Ken covered the subject material in a rapid and simplified fashion, and then made sure each student had mastery of a DVM Meter, an Oscilloscope, adequate soldering and crimping skills, and hands on problem isolation and repair of wiring and printed circuit board issues.

Ken was Production Manager for Ivy Technologies, which immediately sold to Alcon Laboratories of Fort Worth, Texas.
Alcon was a wholly owned subsidiary of The Nestle Corp. of Switzerland. The Alcon Systems Division provided practice
management Lan and computing hardware and custom software
for Opthamology Practice Management Data Processing and associated records, procurement, billing, and scheduling.

Owner of Mathews Technical Services Inc. The company has done design, consulting, research, logistics, and production of prototype and small run products for science and industry all over the USA and projects in Europe and Asia as well. MTS does analog, digital, and processor based projects and
the associated code and packaging.  

Amber Mathews

Tech Consultant 
Amber stood as a photo and print editor for the high-school yearbook and newspaper where she utilized Adobe software suites and became proficient with the Microsoft office software suite in its entirety. 

Amber entered the electronics industry at a surplus electronic supply store where she assembled desk-top computers from parts and managed an on-line store on behalf of the company.

Amber joined MTS as an assembler and rapidly transitioned into the role of technical support and online
sales management. She is adept in hardware and software maintenance for a wide variety of digital devices for web, entertainment, and commercial uses.